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What do I need to do to register a ballplayer?

(Yes, this is a little lengthy.  But, if you read through this page, most of your questions will be answered up front.)

***** This is for league age 13 and older.*****

What do you need to do to get your ballplayer or ballplayers registered?

- First...Welcome to Abilene South!  We're happy to help with registration and help our District 5 Administrator.

- Whether from home or at one of the sign up events, everyone will have to register through this website.  Don't let it intimidate you!  The process should walk you through what needs to be done.  We'll have only one or two in-person registrations, as well.  But, you'll still have to enter your information.  And, most likely, those in-person registrations will be the times we'll verify birth certificates if you didn't upload them.  We'll collect school enrollment forms, too.

1) Are you signing up with the right Little League?

- For Intermediate, Junior and Senior Leagues, the answer is yes.  Ideally, we would separate along high school and affiliated middle schools.  But, we need more ballplayers from all around town to do that.  And, hopefully, this season will be a first step in doing so. 

2) Create an account with a user name and password.

- As long as we're using Sports Connect (formally Dick's TSHQ Blue Sombrero with the addition of Affinity Sports and Stack Sports), you'll be using this website for the rest of your ballplayer's experience if this format continues.

FLASH!!!  Before entering your ballplayer's information, recommend you go to the "Library" to download and fill out the appropriate School Enrollment form and the Medical Release form.  You'll also find a link to them later on this page.  (If you played at Southern LL and there are no changes, we probably have the forms.)

=> You'll need these two forms and birth certificate to complete registration. 

+> All registration requirements need to be confirmed be play begins.

3) Enter your ballplayer's information.

- This isn't "the" registration piece.  But, this step get's your ballplayer listed under your account.

- As programs (i.e. Spring Ball or Fall Ball) and signups become available, you'll see what your programs are available.

The way you list or spell their last name will be how their jersey's get ordered.  So, please, make sure their are no typos

4) Registration is open!  (Well, maybe not now...but, when it's actually open.)

After you login (or check the home page), you'll see which programs (or divisions) your ballplayer is eligible for based on league age.  League age?  What's that?

- Each year the official Little League updates the league age chart.  You can use the League Age Calculator to calculate the correct league age.

  -- If we have the registration set up properly, you shouldn't have to worry about picking the right division to play in.  But, we always appreciate your back up.

  -- There may be a case where you want your ballplayer to play up or down for some reason.  We try to limit that as much as possible.  But, please, let us know if that is the case.  If the amount of ballplayers in the divisions will allow the move, and the president and board agrees, we'll walk you through the remaining registration piece.

This one is important!  As you go through each page answering the questions, if a question has a small red asterisk ( * ), it must be answered.  You won't get to the final step where you pay and are officially registered without answering those questions. (The "medical release" question would be an example.)

- For proof of residency, please, select the appropriate school form, print, fill it out and return it to us (or upload it).  After we collect them, we'll take them to the school's office all at once so we don't keep showing up multiple times throughout the registration period.  You can use the other proofs of residency.  But, the school enrollment forms are preferred.  Here are the school forms (you might have to right click and save): 

   Cooper HS School Enrollment Form
   Clack MS School Enrollment Form
   Madison MS School Enrollment Form

   Abilene HS School Enrollment Form
   Craig MS School Enrollment Form
   Mann MS School Enrollment Form

- Here's the Medical Release form:
  (Pick the one that matches your previous Little League for league insurance purposes.)

   Southern Medical Release Form
   Dixie Medical Release Form
   Eastern Medical Release Form
   Northern Medical Release Form

- You may upload documents if you wish.  Once we go back in and verify them (such as birth certificates), they will be automatically deleted from the website.

- You can pay by credit card, check or cash. If you select check or cash, please, bring it with you to one of the in-person registrations.

- Once you have completed registration, you should get an email with the Sports Connect logo.

5) We need volunteers!

- Please, volunteer.  Whether you want to be the Team Manager (Head Coach), Assistant Coach, Team Helper, or Team Mom or Dad, or just help with practice or during games when needed, you'll need to fill out the online background check.

  -- Don't forget, we might need your help in the concession stand, too!  Although, we have plans in the works... TBD.

- Little League requires anyone helping in practice or games to have a background check.  Anyone.  If there are any questions, feel free to bring them to a board member so we can talk about it.

- You can sign up up yourself or another family member to volunteer.  But, everyone will still have to have the online volunteer form completed and complete the background check.

- Volunteering with Little League is a very rewarding experience!

6) Play Ball!

- It's that easy! 

- If you find yourself getting stumped by one of the questions or it seems like you're doing things right but you're going nowhere fast, please send an email to:  [email protected]

  --  Please, include your name, your ballplayer's name, phone number, and what the issue is.  And, if there's a best time to reach you.

- Also, please, be patient.  We used this site for last Spring and the last two Fall Ball seasons.  And, wouldn't you know it, BlueSombrero combined with Sports Connect and Affinity Sports, so there may be a hiccup or two.  But, we'll work through it together and make the registration experience better each time.

=> Now select "Volunteer Opportunities" or "Available Programs" to get your ballplayer registered.  Have a great baseball season!

Thanks for playing at Abilene South!

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